INDIVIDUAL | Inducted 2000

Phil Hannema for many years has provided ongoing and reliable volunteer support to Chicago gay and lesbian community organizations. He has done so as staff member and officer, as treasurer and photographer, as cheerleader and fund-raiser, and as constant donor.

Since the 1985 inception of Chicago House and Social Service Agency, Hannema has worked tirelessly in its behalf. He may be the longest-serving Chicago House volunteer. In Chicago House’s earliest days, he helped its treasurer with invoices and payments. Beginning in 1991, he served as head gardener for one Chicago House location.

Hannema has also served as treasurer of the Illinois Federation for Human Rights PAC and is currently the assistant treasurer of Equality Illinois (the new name for the political action committee’s parent federation). From the time the federation’s office opened, he volunteered to staff its telephones, prepare its mailings, and do other office work.

Hannema’s backing of Chicago gay and lesbian sports activities has included service as treasurer of the Windy City Athletic Association—not to mention untold support from the sidelines.

Countless fund-raising activities for social service and political causes have benefited from Hannema’s financial support. His is a familiar and welcome face at such events.

As a mentor, he has befriended persons of all ages. He has served as an example of how valuable his type of quiet, faithful, ever-present nurturing can be for community institutions, and of how much such contributions can ease the burdens of other organizational leaders and permit them to accomplish what they do.

What makes Hannema’s life of service the more inspiring is that, at age 74, he is still going strong in behalf of community organizations in Chicago, the city of his birth. (Please note: this information has not been updated since the time of the member’s induction).