Enter Nomination Details

STOP! Read this before you begin to submit your nomination.    Before you begin to submit the nomination, please make certain you have all the following information:

  • Nominee Name                 Person being recognized
  • Submitter Name                Person filling out nomination (this may be the same person as the Nominator)
  • Submitter Email
  • Nominator Email
  • Nominator phone number
  • Nominee’s Pronouns (for individuals)
  • Nominee’s length of residence in the City of Chicago
  • Time period in which the contribution was made
  • Date of birth                       Not required for business or organization
  • Nominee’s Place of Birth    Not required for business or organization
  • Nomination Category         Individual, Organization or Business or “Friend of the Community” for allies
  • Nomination Summary        A narrative explaining why this person, organization, or business is being considered for induction into the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame.
  • Contact Name                   If the nominee is an organization or business
  • A high-resolution photo of the nominee to upload (may be added later with supplemental materials)

Please note: the following information is not required for posthumous nominees:

  • Nominee’s Address
  • Nominee’s Phone Number
  • Nominee’s E-mail